Homeschooling, Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeschooling or an independent school is an alternative method of education where parents choose to educate their children at home rather than in formal school. Through homeschooling or home schooling, parents can determine for themselves the right teaching system according to their abilities, interests, and learning styles. Parents will bring teaching staff to the home to teach children properly as a formal curriculum. It's just that the homeschooling method used is packaged in a home style. Get to know homeschooling in Indonesia In Indonesia, homeschooling has become one of the legal education systems. This is based on the Republic of Indonesia's Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 129 of 2014, which states that home schooling or homeschooling is a process of conscious and planned education services carried out by parents / family at home or a place with a conducive atmosphere. Parents who want to educate their children in homeschooling are required to re
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